About the Course

In addition to attending buddhadharma and meditation classes at the Centre, everyone is also welcome to attend the ritual classes we offer.  They include teachings on making shrine offerings, prostrations, offering mandalas, making malas and tormas.

Please note that payment for the relevant materials are required for classes marked with “**”.

(Classes conducted in Cantonese with English translation)

Everyone welcome
Saturday, 2pm – 4pm

18/4 – Making Malas **

If we recite mantra with a mala, the mala will become a meaningful and holy object. If we continue to use it to recite mantra regularly, it will turn into a powerful ritual object that can benefit others by removing their obstructions and bestowing blessings to them.


2/5 – Making Prostrations and Mandala Offering

Making Prostrations

By making prostration to the holy beings we express our respect and gratitude to them. There are three ways to prostrate, 1) full prostration with our whole body, 2) putting our palms together in front of our heart, and 3) praises with verbal recitation. Through making prostration, we can eliminate our pride and other strong delusions.

Mandala Offering

Offering a mandala means that we offer the whole universe by visualization. Through the power of imagination, we transform the universe into a pure world, with which we offer to the assembly of holy beings and dedicate it to all beings as their future abode. Not only that it will accumulate extensive merits for ourselves, but offering a mandala also can create the cause for us to have pure land experiences.


13/6 – Making Tormas **

Torma is a special food offering made for the attainment of spiritual realizations. In Vinaya Sutra, it was said that in order to dispel obstacles and collect all necessary merits, practitioners should offer tormas to the three jewels and dharma protectors.


18/7 – Making Daily Shrine Offerings

A shrine represents the body, speech and mind of a Buddha. Through arranging any pure and exquisite offering object for the shrine with sincerity and in a respectful way, we can benefit our mind by receiving vast amount of merits and counteracting our miserliness.


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