BROADCAST FROM KMC LOS ANGELES: The Art of Contentment: How to Just Be Day Course

Are you restless? Tired of coping? Getting stir crazy and frustrated about not knowing what the future holds?

Many people are feeling bottled up and are bursting to do stuff! Although this is a normal response in light of current events, from a spiritual point of view, it can also be a good opportunity to look at what is underneath this itchy mind, short attention spans and lack of contentment.

In this course, Gen Rigpa will share simple Buddhist practices to help us feel more at peace with simply being, not doing. We will explore simple ideas and meditations that help us to relax, and be okay within the peace, the quietness, the natural stillness of our own mind. We will learn the practice of contentment.

10am – 11:15am Session 1
11:45am – 1pm Session 2
2pm – 3:15pm Session 3
3:45pm – 5pm Session 4

Teachings in English with Cantonese translation. 

Date: 14 October (Thursday)
Date: 10am – 5pm
Course fee: HK$220
Course fee: HK$180 (for FP / TTP Study Programme students only)
Enrolment Deadline: 20 October (Wednesday)

Please kindly take note of the following:

– This event is available only to those who are currently living in Hong Kong
– The event will remain online until 5pm on 21 October.
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