(please refer to the Government press release dated 10 November for details)

Having assessed the epidemic risk and the need for resuming social and economic activities, the Government announced on 10 November that the social distancing measures will be suitably relaxed further with effect from 17 November such that citizens’ livelihood may continue to resume normalcy in an orderly manner.

For premises in which patrons usually wear masks (including religious premises), the Vaccine Pass requirement will be changed from “active checking” to “passive checking”. In other words, persons-in-charge of these premises will no longer need to actively check patrons’ vaccination records or exemption certificates upon their entry. However, patrons will still need to comply with the vaccination requirements under the Vaccine Pass to enter the premises, and present the relevant records or exemption certificates as required by law enforcement officers during spot checks or other enforcement actions.

Please kindly take note of the following:

  • KMC HK (“the Centre”) provides in-person classes, pujas and events, subject to restrictions of allowing visitors in groups of 12 without exceeding 85 per cent of the capacity.
  • We will provide online classes, pujas and events to those who are not able to fulfil the vaccine pass requirement.
  • We kindly request all persons who enter the Centre to:
    o   Scan the LeaveHomeSafe QR code and comply with the relevant requirements under the Vaccine Pass;
    o   Measure your temperature and sanitize your hands upon entry;
    o   Wear mask and socks in the Centre at all time;
    o   Not to eat in the Centre;
    o   Bring your own sadhanas;
    o  Not to go to Centre if your Vaccine Pass is “Red Code”;
    o  Not to go to the Centre during home quarantine period (if applicable) (please refer to the Government website for more information)
  • Under the arrangements for the third stage of the Vaccine Pass (from 31 May 2022 onwards), all applicable individuals in general (except certain special groups) are required to have received the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for entering or remaining in the Centre.
  • Please refer to the Government website for more information about the Vaccine Pass.
  • Please refer to the Government press release dated 20 March and the Annex for the latest vaccination requirements of the Vaccine Pass.
  • Please refer to the Government press release dated 8 August for the Red Code and Yellow Code function of the Vaccine Pass.