Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong offers a broad range of classes, for differing levels of ability and interest. All of these classes are taught by our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Tonglam.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of these classes, but you may find this page useful in helping you decide where to start or which class to move on to next.

More details about each of these classes can be found under the ‘Regular Classes’ menu option.

Meditation & Advice for Daily Life

This is our main evening drop in class. Practical and light-hearted, it presents a range of meditation techniques and life skills drawn from Buddha’s teachings. The classes are grouped into short courses from a few to several weeks long covering topics such as how to overcome stress, how to manage anger, how to maintain a loving heart and peaceful mind in the midst of our busy lives and so forth.

The class includes a short meditation on the breath, a simple Buddhist prayer, a talk on the main topic of the evening leading to a guided meditation. After the class there is an opportunity to socialise with the other attendees and ask questions of the teacher in an informal setting.

Tuesdays evening drop in class

Study Programmes: Foundation Programme 

For those wanting a comprehensive understanding and experience of the Buddhist path, we offer our study programmes. On these programmes the students and teacher work page by page through specific texts authored by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. Each class consists of formal Buddhist meditation prayers, guided meditations, transmission and commentary of the text, and discussion in pairs. There are regular group discussions and an active participation is encouraged from all the students.

Everyone is welcome to attend one or two taster classes to see if the programme is for you. Thereafter the study programmes are enrolment courses where students commit themselves for a book or a section of a book and complete the course with a written exam. Each enrolment period is approximately six months (with regular breaks for holidays etc).

Foundation Programme