Tranquil Abiding: The Bliss of Concentration
Special Meditation Course on Tranquil Abiding with Gen Kelsang Tonglam
Tuesdays 18 & 25 April, 2 May | 7:30pm – 9.15pm


Peace of mind is priceless. Whenever it arises we are happy, our body becomes comfortable, and we have a positive influence on those around us. But nowadays we have so many distractions that it is rare to enjoy even a moment of mental peace. By learning the Buddhist teachings on developing mindfulness and concentration allow one to learn to embrace the depths of peace inside a calm and quiet mind.

In this course Gen Tonglam will explain:

  • What is concentration?
  • Why is it important to develop concentration?
  • How to train in concentration?
  • How to overcome the obstacles in our training?
  • How to engage in a retreat?

Course fee: $300 for 3 classes ($150 for KMC HK’s Teacher Training Programme / Foundation Programme students).

Teaching in English. Booking is required. Everyone welcome!

Please kindly take off your shoes when you are in Centre and wear socks at all time. Thank you.

** After receiving the teachings, we have an opportunity to engage in a silent meditation retreat at Kadoorie Centre in Yuen Long from 5 – 10 May (6 days) or 5 – 7 May (3 days) to deepen our meditative experience. Meditations during the retreat will be guided in Cantonese with English translation. If you join the retreat, the course fee that you have paid will be deducted from the retreat fee.

To help us prepare the event, please kindly book as soon as possible.

All fees are used to run the Centre and flourish the precious teachings of Buddha.