The Dance of Impermanence and Emptiness 
6 week Course and Silent Meditation Retreat with Gen Kelsang Tonglam
March – April 2024

Everything changes, nothing lasts. Even though we know this is true, we often resist change and struggle with uncertainty in our day-to-day life.

Buddha’s teachings of the meditations on subtle impermanence and emptiness help us to embrace the changes in our lives. We learn to simply let the dance of life unfold and, after a while, see how the very play of life’s transience reveals the secret of the ultimate stability…Emptiness.

On this course, Gen Tonglam will guide us to explore the astounding beauty and power of these meditations, inspiring us to practically integrate these liberating insights into our daily experiences, and find a new sense of freedom and happiness.

Following this course, there will also be a chance to engage in a silent retreat on these profound meditations.

Part 1 – Teachings

Kadampa Meditation Centre HK
English classes on Tuesdays
7:30pm – 9:00pm

5/3 What is impermanence?
12/3 Embracing momentary change
19/3 What is Emptiness?
2/4 There is No Self
9/4 Dancing in the Boundless Space of Emptiness
23/4 Q&A Session and Advice on How to Engage in a Retreat

* Fee: $70 per class.

* Just drop in. Booking is not required.


Part 2 – Silent Retreat 26-29 April at Kadoorie Centre, Yuen Long

** After receiving the teachings, we have an opportunity to engage in a silent meditation retreat at Kadoorie Centre of the University of Hong Kong sin Yuen Long from 26 – 29 April to deepen our meditative experience. Meditations during the retreat will be guided in English. If you join the retreat, the course fee that you have paid will be deducted from the retreat fee. Retreat booking will start at 9:00pm on Sunday 17 March.

All donations and fees are used to run the Centre and flourish the precious teachings of Buddha.