Dealing with Attachment  

Attachment is the rope that binds us to a life of suffering. It keeps us investing our energy in things that can’t give us the real lasting peace and happiness we crave. It is actually our attachment that makes us feel insecure and locks us in unhealthy mental habits, difficult relationships, repeating mistakes that undermine our personal growth.

On this course, Gen Tonglam will share the meditations Buddha taught that free our mind from attachment and allow us to enjoy a life of real fulfillment.

Tuesdays 7:30pm – 9:00pm

28/6 Attachment-free Relationships
5/7 There is Nothing There to Grasp At
12/7 Transforming Enjoyments

* These classes are for those who are currently living in Hong Kong. Please register to join our Facebook group before class starts. If you have already joined, there is no need to register again. To join, please click the link below and then click “Join Group” :

Each class will remain online 2 days until 9pm on Thursday.

Donation is welcome. Suggested Donation : HK$80 each class. All donations are used to run the Centre and to spread the precious teachings of Buddha. 

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