Being with Buddha Day Course with Gen Kelsang Tonglam
Wednesday 15 May (Buddha’s Birthday Public Holiday)
10:00am – 5:15pm

Refuge Retreat 17 – 21 May

Everyone Welcome!

It is extraordinary that Buddha’s body, speech, and mind contain excellent qualities and profound meanings. If we deeply contemplate and gain experience in them, our life will constantly be inspired by the most supreme, beacon-like guidance. We will understand why Buddha is the refuge for all living beings and our faith in Buddha will become unshakable. As a result, our spiritual practice will no longer be superficial, and the most thorough and fundamental transformations will happen naturally in our life.

When we happily receive Buddha’s teachings and directions to fully develop the highest potentials of our mind, he is beside us and being with us. We will be freed from the illusion of self-grasping ignorance and the sufferings of loneliness and helplessness.

In this day course, Gen Tonglam will teach us how to embark on the spiritual journey with confidence and joy based on the “Liberating Prayer” composed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

After the day course, we have an opportunity to engage in the Refuge Retreat together from 17 – 21 May. Through continually practicing going refuge to the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, we shall accomplish our aim – permanent liberation from all the sufferings of this life and countless future lives, the real meaning of our human life.

10am – 11.30am Teaching
12.15pm – 1pm Meditation
2:30pm – 4pm Teaching
4:30pm – 5:15pm Meditation

Teaching in Cantonese with English translation.

Course fee: $250
Enrolment Deadline: 14 May (Tuesday)

On line booking has been closed, if you would like to book please send email to .

* All course fees are used to run and develop the Centre and spread Buddha’s precious teachings.